3D Printing Industry

The 3D printing industry is a democratizing agent of manufacturing. The accelerating rate of technology is affecting our world in ways most people aren't even thinking about. Chicago's 3D Printer Experience is aptly named: It aims to educate and engage the public by offering a relaxed setting to learn about a beneficial new technology, which [...]

Printable Sheet Music

The entire My Father's Favorite Hymns Piano/Vocal Book is now available as printable sheet music. It is 99 pages in length and includes twelve contemporary arrangements of timeless favorites. These arrangements are piano-based instrumentals and vocals with vocal and orchestral accompaniment. The book also includes a title page for each hymn with author information, date it was [...]

Marketing 101-part two

We learn several more lessons in Marketing 101 with a recent campaign featuring GoPro, the tiny but rugged mountable video camera. (see part one here) Wistia, the B2B video-hosting company that was in charge of marketing set the first principle: to use inspiration and creativity in marketing with GoPros sporty Hero 4 video camera. Their second marketing 101 principle was [...]

Marketing 101-part one

We learn a lesson in Marketing 101 with a recent campaign featuring GoPro, the tiny but rugged mountable video camera. It's one of the most recognized camera brands in the world-known for capturing epic, adrenaline-inducing adventure and extreme-sports videos. A B2B video-hosting company, Wistia, announced the launch of "GoPro Week," a marketing effort meant to [...]

Until Next Time Sheet Music

Until Next Time Sheet Music is now available at Sheet Music Plus! Gone are the days that music typewriters were $20,000 (this was the cost when I was finishing grad school!) Everything was printed with a music calligraphy pen and you could tell how much work I was doing by my black-stained fingers! Music programs like Finale [...]

Winning the Lottery in Life

Last year (2014) Americans gambled on winning the lottery, spending a total of $70.15 billion on lottery tickets, according to the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries. The next highest expenditure was Sports tickets with $17.8 billion, then books, $14.6 billion, video games, $13.1billion, movie box office, $10.7 billion, and music, $6.8 billion. [...]

Allergic Reaction Solution

I grew up having an allergic reaction to cats. I would not only start sneezing, but I would actually get sick. That reaction has not changed much, and as cute as little kittens are, deep in my muscle memory is the allergic reaction I would face after holding those cute balls of fur in my lap. Another culprit, causing [...]

Geek Squad with Lost Data

If you have lost your data, you definitely need a geek squad of major proportions. That's what Austin McChord offers up. He is the 29-year-old CEO of data backup company Datto. Datto is a geek squad far from Silicon Valley-about 3,000 miles in Norwalk, Conn. Datto deals in the geek squad coma-inducing business of information [...]