A staged THEATRICAL, Inspirational concert

Featuring Deborah Johnson & Wayland Pickard

Timeless favorites. Show available for licensing soon in 2022!

These inspirational music favorites are tied together with fascinating stories and narrative that will bring new life to the rich history and messages of the songs. This staged inspirational music/concert was first performed by DEBORAH and DAVID Johnson, National recording artists who have been up for multiple GRAMMY Awards. It can soon include your local auditioned chorus with 10-15 or even more members. We are presently not booking this live show, but it will be available for licensing soon in 2022!

Listen to some of the music!

My Father's Favorite Hymns

Hymns Sheet Music

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Note: We are no longer actively booking this show but you can continue enjoying the wonderful music we have created on the albums and you can see for yourself what is involved in producing the show in your venue!

Deborah Johnson & David Johnson

Deborah Johnson

DEBORAH JOHNSON has a voice that goes anywhere and is a prolific songwriter,pianist and consummate musician. She has a Masters Degree in Arranging and Composition and does most of the writing and arranging. Her credits include writing and producing dozens of albums, she has toured Nationally and Internationally as both a headliner and backup singer/pianist. She has also written three complete staged musicals and is a publisher with Samuel French Publishers. As well as a musician, Deborah is an author with nationally acclaimed books and a keynote/workshop speaker at corporate events. She is past president of the Los Angeles chapter of the National Speakers Association.

David Johnson

DAVID JOHNSON has a voice versatile enough to sing anything from Sinatra to Rock and is a young rising star with a magnitude ability and charisma. He is also an amazing young conductor with a dynamic ability to bring out the best in most any group. His credits include student director of the College Choir who won the title “Choir of the World,” and was awarded “Outstanding Soloist” in back-to-back years at the Monterey, Calif. Next Generation Jazz Festival. He was Choral director for multiple groups at a large High School for two years and has also toured Nationally and Internationally as a singer and lead trumpet player. He currently works in IT as a Cyber Security Specialist and SEO Marketing. One more unrelated thing: he’s currently a National MVP Softball Champion with the nickname “Lazer” with his signature on a limited release bat and 2 touring contracts. He didn’t get his athletic skills from his mother.

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