Stuck is Not a Four-Letter Word

Are you stuck? You may be facing bankruptcy, a broken marriage, a dead-end career, unemployment, or a health crisis. You may feel none of the breaks are going your way and that the circumstances of life are all against you. Feeling stuck can leave you feeling alone, isolated, abandoned, and ultimately confused about the decision of your next life move.
The good news it that you can take action to free yourself and start moving down a new path. Building on inspiring interviews, illustrations, and stories, Stuck is Not a Four-Letter Word (at Amazon, Barnes & Noble)  provides you with the direction you need to face your life with the courage that hope brings, and the bravery to take the necessary steps to move forward. The seven steps to getting un-stuck are:
  • Define your trap
  • Reassess your assets
  • Reinvent yourself
  • Eliminate distractions
  • Play like you’re in the major leagues
  • Do the business
  • Ask what you can give

Short Videos about the book

What it’s all about! Step 1: Define Your Trap Step 2: Reassess Your Assets Step 3: Reinvent Yourself
Step 4: Eliminate Distractions Step 5: Play Like You’re in the Major Leagues Step 6: Do the Business Step 7: Ask What You Can Give
Taken from Stuck is Not a Four-Letter Word by Deborah Johnson • all material ©Deborah Johnson, all rights reserved.

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