What is Positive Energy?

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What is positive energy, you ask? It's one of those buzz words out there, with a high search volume. It's not totally well-defined and is used in a number of different ways. Psychology Today defines it as a bundle of desirable attributes. The article goes on to describe, "A person who is enthusiastic, empathic, cheerful, optimistic, [...]

Winning the Lottery in Life

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Last year (2014) Americans gambled on winning the lottery, spending a total of $70.15 billion on lottery tickets, according to the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries. The next highest expenditure was Sports tickets with $17.8 billion, then books, $14.6 billion, video games, $13.1billion, movie box office, $10.7 billion, and music, $6.8 billion. [...]

Best Wearable Tech or Geekwear!

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Are you looking for the best wearable tech that will help you keep in touch, help you manage your work-life balance, and look fashionable? Apparently, a growing number of savvy tech companies are collaborating with forward-looking fashion houses, and startups are focusing on design first. "Wearables are arguably the most personal technology we've seen," says [...]

Belgian Waffle Recipe

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One of our family traditions is having Belgian Waffles on Christmas morning (Belgian Waffle Recipe included below!) As one side of our family celebrated the holiday on Christmas Eve and the other side on Christmas Day afternoon, we started our own Christmas morning breakfast tradition. After the first year of these yummy waffles, our family was hooked--there [...]

Benefits of Healthy Eating

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What are the benefits of healthy eating and how does that help you and your career? And how does it help you get unstuck? First of all, let's define healthy eating before we get into the benefits of healthy eating. The definition of healthy is: brings vigor and soundness of body, mind and or spirit; [...]

Free Christmas Devotional

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Free download for Deborah Johnson's Christmas Devotional for the month of December with one short devotional for each of the 31 days of December. Each day includes life principles and scriptural focus for the holidays. It's a great way to start each day, focusing on fruits of the Spirit, favorite carols and goals for the new year. Days 1-17 [...]