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In the Garden-Deborah Johnson Cover

In the Garden

In the Garden is one of our top sellers because it is such a beloved song for so many. Our family performed In the Garden for both my grandparent’s memorial services as they loved the song. This arrangement is for piano I and II, octave unison and vocal chorus.

In the Garden is arranged as a flowing ballad with piano as the focus. Simple “ooh” and “ah” vocals are added for color on a countermelody in this reflective arrangement. Piano II adds an octave melody in a higher register to add more color and can be played by even a beginner pianist. The whole arrangement is easy Intermediate level. There is also an online course with 10 videos - start for FREE!

The accompaniment track is without pianos or vocals and can easily be performed with just pianos or with the added vocals.

Were You There? Deborah Johnson Cover

Were You There?

Were You There When They Crucified my Lord? Is a beautiful acapella arrangement perfect for small ensembles. The inspiration for this arrangement was from Deborah singing Were You There? Acapella in front of the Garden Tomb in Israel. This arrangement is for vocal solo/unison duet plus SATB chorus, acapella.

Were You There? is a beautiful arrangement of a timeless traditional spiritual with rich harmonies.  The chorus part can be performed with full choir or single voices. At the very end, it splits into six to eight parts, but can be modified for smaller groups. The chorus contains many “oohs” and “ahs” until the third verse. This arrangement contains four verses and the additional verses are noted on the lyric sheet.

The accompaniment track consists of the acapella background vocals, coming in at measure 19 to back the vocal solo. 

You are Faithful, You are Lord-Deborah Johnson Cover

You are Faithful, You are Lord

You are Faithful, You are Lord is a beautiful new hymn for today with words that reflect on the majesty of God’s creation. It can be performed as a piano and vocal solo, with a unison chorus or congregation. Easy listening ballad style with three key changes for the four verses that helps to build the lyric. Contemporary new ballad based on the attributes of God’s faithfulness, power in creation and power throughout our lives. Up for a Grammy Award as a single Christian song. Intermediate level.

Many of the lyrics flowed out of Deborah's personal time of reflection and worship. It is simple, yet timeless in its message. 

The accompaniment track is with no piano or vocals with a rhythm background that is easy to follow for playing and singing along.

Your Truth it Stands-Deborah Johnson Cover

Your Truth it Stands

Your Truth it Stands is a new hymn anthem focused on God’s truth standing through every trial, test and storm in our life. The message is a strong reminder of God’s power and the hope we have in His eternal truth. Your Truth it Stands is arranged for piano and unison vocals. Contemporary new ballad based on the attributes of God’s truth, grace, power and guiding hand. Early Intermediate level.

It is simple, yet timeless in its message. The accompaniment track is with no piano or vocals with a rhythm background that is easy to follow for playing and singing along.

Immortal Invisible-Cover-Deborah Johnson

Immortal Invisible

The beautiful hymn Immortal Invisible, God Only Wise is arranged for piano and a simple 2 part optional chorus and a very small optional string part. It’s a contemporary arrangement in a pop ballad style with simple “oohs” and “ahs” in the chorus part. The original hymn is in 3/4 time signature and this arrangement is in 4/4. It’s of medium difficulty and can be performed with or without vocals.

Words are by Walter Chalmers Smith (1867) a poet and minister of the Free Church of Scotland, sung to the tune of “St. Denio,” originally a traditional Welsh ballad tune which became a hymn.

The accompaniment MP3 track is without pianos or vocals and can easily be performed with just pianos or with the added vocals.

Just a Closer Walk with Thee-Deborah Johnson Cover

Just a Closer Walk with Thee

This much loved hymn, Just a Closer Walk with Thee, is arranged for piano I and II with 1-3 vocal chorus parts. It’s a contemporary arrangement of a timeless favorite! Latin-feel style- medium difficulty. Can be performed with or without vocals.

Just a Closer Walk with Thee is a traditional gospel song, author unknown. It was a million-seller for Red Foley in 1950, Elvis Presley recorded it in 1958 and Tennessee Ernie Ford made the charts with it in the late 1950’s. It is perhaps the most frequently played selection in the hymn and dirge section of traditional New Orleans Jazz Funerals.

There are 2 different accompaniment tracks. One without piano or vocals and one without piano plus the background vocals. Either are perfect for performance

I'll Say a Prayer-Deborah Johnson Cover

I'll Say a Prayer

This version of I’ll Say a Prayer is from The Hero Inside album. It’s a beautiful song with heartfelt lyrics that can easily be performed for many different occasions, including holidays and celebrations of life. It can be performed as a solo or duet with a simple guitar accompaniment or combination of instruments including piano. The MP3 instrumental background tracks are also available for performance.  Easy listening ballad style with an a 1 ½ octave range. Contemporary new ballad that is easy listening and easy to perform. Intermediate level. 11 pages.

You can download the complete MP3 album or individual songs on Amazon here: I’ll Say a Prayer was originally written for the musical Stiltz ( )There is also a beautiful spiral-bound music book of all the songs from the musical.

Desert Sea-Deborah Johnson

Desert Sea

Desert Sea is an exceptional new spiritual composition inspired by Jeremiah 17:7-8. With its captivating blend of unison verses transitioning between 3/4 and 4/4 rhythms and powerful choral SATB choruses, this song is ideal for special occasions. Its profound messaging resonates strongly, making it suitable for both large and small choirs, as well as solo performances. Whether for church services or inspirational events, "Desert Sea" is a valuable addition to any repertoire. 

Deborah’s original arrangement of Desert Sea was modeled after a popular Christian artist at the time, Keith Green, with driving eighth notes throughout. The current updated arrangement has been re-worked, as it alternates between 3-4 and 4-4 time, feeling like 7-4. Deborah and her son, David, perform all the vocals on this recording.

Amazing Grace-Deborah Johnson

Amazing Grace/It is Well With My Soul

Amazing Grace/It is Well With my Soul offers a delightful medley that blends these beloved hymns seamlessly. Accompanied by piano and a unison chorus vocalizing "oohs" and "ahs," this instrumental rendition promises to evoke cherished memories and inspire heartfelt worship. It features challenging piano arpeggios and key changes throughout. With a medium level of difficulty, this arrangement is versatile and can be performed with or without vocals. 

Amazing Grace by John Newton (1773) is one of the most recognized hymns in the world, and is often thought of as a folk song. It was written to illustrate a sermon and was fairly obscure until the Second Great Awakening in the early 19th Century. The tune is to "New Britain" and it is performed about 10 million times annually. It is Well with my Soul, words by Horatio Spafford (1873), was written after his four daughters perished on a French liner heading for Europe when colliding with an iron sailing vessel. His wife alone was saved. Melody by Phillip Bliss, who died along with his wife in a terrible train wreck in Ohio.

Accompaniment MP3 tracks are available, both with and without piano accompaniment and vocals.

Great is Thy Faithfulness-Deborah Johnson

Great is Thy Faithfulness

This beautiful classic hymn Great is Thy Faithfulness, is sure to become a favorite with a timeless message as well as upbeat and inspiring arrangement. The arrangement begins in a straightforward style with a simple piano theme then bursts into an easy swing arrangement with a solo vocal. Optional saxophone can double the piano melody line. There are also 2 short 4-measure sections for a Piano 2 part which can also be performed on a variety of "C" instruments and with or without saxophone.It is arranged for piano I and II with vocal solo and rhythm chords. It’s a contemporary arrangement of a timeless favorite! Medium difficulty.

The song had its beginnings as a poem written by Thomas Chisholm (1923), who sent to his friend William Runyan, then putting it to music. It soon became an unofficial theme song for the Moody Bible Institute. It became even more popular when sung by George Beverly Shea and the choirs at the Billy Graham Crusades.

Can be performed with or without vocals with a solo instrument performing the vocal solo. Accompaniment MP3 tracks are also available in multiple combinations, without pianos, without piano I or without pianos and saxophone.

Wayfarers Journey Book Cover-Deborah Johnson

Wayfarer's Journey Piano Solos

Wayfarer’s Journey is a comprehensive collection of twelve piano solos, skillfully composed by Deborah Johnson. These pieces are thoughtfully crafted to strike a balance between being accessible for intermediate-level pianists while still offering a delightful listening experience. The recorded album, sharing its name with the piano book, features a selection of classically-inspired piano and instrumental solos, accompanied by subtle orchestration and, in most cases, enriched with background vocals.

These musical compositions are not only a treat for the ears but are also versatile, making them an excellent choice for various special occasions, including weddings and events. Moreover, they cater to those who may have once embraced piano playing in their lives but had to set it aside temporarily due to the demands of life..

The book encompasses a total of 59 pages, inclusive of two contents pages, which assist in navigating the repertoire. Individual accompaniment MP3 tracks are also available for download on Amazon. Spiral bound print book also available.


Printable Sheet Music-Hymns

My Father's Favorite Hymns

The full book My Father's Favorite Hymns consists of twelve contemporary arrangements of timeless favorites, including two new hymns by Deborah Johnson. These are piano-based instrumentals and vocals with vocal and orchestral accompaniment. This 99-page book (including cover and table of contents) also includes a beautiful title page for each song with a brief history and lyrics for the two new hymns. The piano transcriptions are completely written out, including the chords and vocal parts. Several have secondary piano parts included.

If you’re searching for: Christian music, inspirational music or church hymns, consider My Father’s Favorite Hymns. Songs include: Tell Me the Old Old Story; Just a Closer Walk with Thee; Great is Thy Faithfulness; Immortal Invisible; Amazing Grace/It is Well; Your Truth it Stands; Glory to His Name; Stand Up for Jesus/Leaning on the Everlasting Arms; In the Garden; Were You There when they Crucified my Lord? (acapella); What a Friend we Have in Jesus; You are Faithful, You are Lord. Separate song downloads also available, where you can hear and preview each selection.

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Buy Back the Years-Deborah Johnson

Perfect for solo or duet, performed acoustically or with a band. Especially meaningful for honoring special people in your life, whether it be a mother, father, family member, special friend or even an organization.

Until Next Time-Deborah Johnson

Beautiful love ballad, a folk-style jazz arrangement that can be performed as a solo or duet. In the score is the sparse secondary piano part, played 2 octaves apart, and the guitar solo. It has become a favorite in live performances.

Come Out of the Dark-Deborah Johnson

Perfect for TTBB barbershop or other men's quartets. It can also be adapted and performed with a mixed group. Instrumental track also available

Wayfarer's Journey Music-Deborah Johnson

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