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Welcome to DJWorks Music Licensing!

We are an independent licensing company and are able to provide the personal touch you need for your organization!

Our musicals and products have a positive message that is both inspiring and family-friendly. 

The music is fun, uplifting and is appropriate for both educational and community events.

We make it SIMPLE. For most organizations, we charge a flat fee of 10% of house.

The scores and scripts are reasonable to purchase and with a deposit, we send you the accompaniment MP3s.

Licensing Options

As we are now living in a world of “hybrid performances” and meetings, we have provided a way for you to choose the option(s) that would best fit your organization. There are no completely “free” options for licensing, but we do offer materials for perusal.

If you have a non-paid performance, we offer a flat fee geared toward your event. Otherwise, we make it very simple and work on a 10% of house basis.

Since we own all publishing rights, we provide downloadable copies for all materials that have your watermark on them, except for the spiral bound vocal-piano score, which we snail-mail to you. The vocal score (lead sheets + instrumental transitions) is also available as a hard copy.

Types of performances: Completely Virtual, Streaming, Live + Streaming, Live.

Fees are different for each and we customize them for your organization’s needs.

For streaming, we highly suggest They are like an “Eventbrite” for shows. Their fees are very reasonable—it actually can be absolutely free for your organization and there is a wonderful webinar on their website that will give you more information.

Available Products

STILTZ the Musical and TSARINA the Musical are available for licensing live, virtually and streaming at this time. The book, piano/vocal scores and vocal lead-sheet scores are available. All instrumental performance tracks and sound effects are also available, along with cue sheets and director’s notes.

We do provide permission for duplication of scripts and vocal scores, providing you with a watermarked copy for your organization. We do not ask that these materials be returned. Spiral-bound music books are available and will be sent by mail.

One Little Kiss and God’s Music will be available later 2021 and 2022

The Nitty-Gritty Details (the legal stuff)

Our fees are fairly simple and straightforward. We offer flat fees on a case-by-case basis for non-paid performances. For digital productions and with your performance license you are permitted to stream ONCE for each performance. If you want to keep a recording after your performance for archival purposes, you can get an Archival Video License. However, an Archival Video license DOES NOT allow you to keep your recording on a video-sharing website beyond the dates of your run and your digital platform should be defined as a private, secure (password protected) platform that only allows access to invited and/or paying viewers. Additional fees will apply for any other type of streaming.

We do not ask you to return the materials that are mailed out to you. We hope they will be well-used and cherished as a memory of your production. However, we do ask that digital copies be destroyed after your performance.

The license application is included on this page, but if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time.

The Extras

We have included set ideas and director’s notes in each musical. Soon, there will be a Historical Study Guide for the musical TSARINA, as the book contains historical liberties. Students will find it interesting to study the actual historical backdrop upon which the musical is based as part of their education. We care about the details and feel history is an important subject to study!

There are also extra songs to each musical that are not included in the World Premiere production. The original studio cast recordings are available FYI and a complimentary copy will be sent upon booking if requested.

The Music Scores

The musical scores are available as piano/vocal scores and vocal lead-sheet scores. All include instrumental transitions. You can order them also for immediate download on

Spiral Bound Music Books
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The Contracts

Musical License Form DJWorksMusic

Download the license application here: LICENSE APPLICATION

Upon completing, scan and send back to with the subject line "license application." We will contact you by phone and email soon after we receive it.

Deborah Johnson, M.A.

Deborah is an inspirational speaker, author and international award-winning music artist. Up for multiple GRAMMY Awards and spending over 20 years in the entertainment industry, she's an expert on how to constantly reinvent yourself in a gig-economy. Deborah is the author of four books, coming out with her fifth, The Summit, fall 2021, and speaks and performs in both live and virtual events. She is also the past president of the National Speakers Association, Los Angeles. 

  • Producer of the popular Women at Halftime Podcast.
  • Women's Economic Woman of Excellence Award.
  • Extensive background as a headline music entertainer.
  • Wrote & Produced 3 Full-Length Musicals, Launching their World Premieres.
  • Produced Multiple Online Training Courses, all available for licensing.
  • Produced over 2 dozen albums & hundreds of songs available for licensing & download.
  • Stiltz Musical

    The Story:

    On three separate days, our damsel in distress is imprisoned in Office Number Seven by the evil Mr. Devlin and ordered to raise money tosave her dad. She makes a pact with STILTZ, but may lose the man she truly loves! A modern adaptation of the wonderful tale of Rumpelstiltskin. See Stiltz Musical website for multiple videos & music!

    The musical can be performed with a cast of 7, with doubles. Chorus can be expanded in numbers, which makes it ideal for community and educational venues.

    Script and performance CD tracks are available.


    A tale for the whole family..Tolucan Times

    Bright, witty, charming musical …LCP

    • Actor’s Forum Theatre L.A. (12 performances)
    • Norco H.S. with 2 separate casts (multiple performances)
    • Fontana Community Theatre (multiple performances)


    Easy to produce! Norco High School produced STILTZ the Musical in 3 weeks with 2 casts. 7 Principle cast members, expandable chorus. Piano/Vocal score, Lead Sheets, Accompaniment tracks, with and without chorus vocals.

    Tsarina Musical

    The Story:

    The love of Nicholas (Nick) & Alexandra (Alix) endures in the face of political intrigue, jealousy, greed and revolution. TSARINA takes us through time, beginning with their love letters and concluding with their fateful end. Historical events meet an expanded fictional story line with a message of strength and hope in the face of fear and upheaval. TSARINA is Les Misérables of the Russian Revolution. Les Mis meets Dr. Zhivago See Tsarina the Musical website for multiple videos & music!

    Formatted in two acts, each timed at approx. 50-55 minutes.


    …richly beautiful score … captures the flavor of Russia…Johnson has crafted a superlatively skilled book musical… Broadway World

    The Greatest Russian Musical …Russian Musical Society, i-netradio

    Grove Theatre (4 performances)

    Staged reading large performances-Upland & other locations


    Large Cast of 17 with doubles. Expandable Chorus. Piano/Vocal Score, Lead Sheets, Accompaniment tracks with and without chorus vocals. Tracks and accompanying materials make this large musical feasible to produce with limited budgets. Great musical for singers and dancers.

    Story crafted around love letters. Accompanying historical study guide for further study.

    Holy Man-Tsarina
    More, More More-Tsarina

    One Little Kiss Musical-Deborah Johnson

    Available 2023

    The Story:

    Through a few stolen kisses, dramatic and humorous incendents, the characters grow to know themselves better. They find that things right around them and within them help to define their definition of what love really is.

    Formatted in two acts, each timed at approx. 50-55 minutes.

    Music and script available soon in 2023

    Available 2024

    The Story:

    Many associate the hymns and spirituals with American Folk music, but they are so much more. The inspirational music of Hymns and spirituals are full of fascinating historical facts and come from lives that were both victorious and broken. The inspirational music show, God’s Music includes contemporary instrumental and vocal arrangements of some of those timeless favorites as well as some new favorites. These inspirational music favorites are tied together with fascinating stories and narrative that will bring new life to the rich history and messages of the songs. 

    Formatted in one 90 minute act or split into two acts, each timed at approx. 50-55 minutes.

    Music and script available soon in 2024