January 28

Stop Motion Video


Enjoy this stop motion video of TECHNO MAN, a song from the musical STILTZ! When faced with computer problems, our little man goes inside the computer to see what the problem is! After turning some dials and moving some memory cards, our little man gets it done!

STILTZ the Musical, (StiltztheMusical.com) a retelling of the classic fairytale “Rumplestiltskin,” features LACEY as the damsel in distress. In separate days, she is imprisoned in Office Number Seven by the evil MR. DEVLIN and ordered to raise money to save her dad, MR. MILLER, a well-meaning dreamer whose ill-fated schemes have placed them in DEVLIN’S clutches. Lacey is saved, it seems, by a mesmerizing computer whiz, who raises the funds to save dear old dad. In return, LACEY must sacrifice her heirloom jewelry, a ring and necklace. All seems lost when the computer whiz, STILTZ, returns to claim LACEY for his bride. How will she escape her pact with STILTZ and win the heart of the man she truly loves? Like the young woman in the “Rumplestiltskin” tale, she must discover STILTZ’s true identity to save her future. Enjoy this stop motion video of TECHNO MAN!

If you’ve ever received “error messages” maybe you need the Techno Man! Watch the stop motion video to see if he can help you!

Stop Motion Video2

Stop Motion Video3

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