Homeschool Music-Piano

Have you considered the benefits of teaching music in your homeschool? Even though not every child is musically inclined, music, specifically piano, when added to a regular curriculum provides wonderful benefits for both parent (or grandparent!) and child!

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Main Benefits:

  • Music Improves Self-Discipline
    All it takes is a short time consistently to develop a good habit using music practice. The time should be VERY short with young children!
  • Music Increases Spacial Reasoning
    Spacial reasoning is defined as the ability to visualize with the mind's eye. In studies, the groups with piano keyboard lessons increased their spacial reasoning scores incrementally.
  • Music has the unique power to touch the soul & emotions!
    There are many studies validating the benefits of music for stress reduction and overall health. It actually affects brain functioning similar to medication in many circumstances. Read more here

Keys to the Keyboard

Starts from the very beginning! Formatted for 6 months, 12 months or 24 months. 5 note scales, 3 & 4 note chords, inversions, cadences and basic improvisation!

Keys to the Keyboard Online Course

6 Videos & full 80+ page guide!

Watch introduction FREE! We make it EASY with 7 videos, 80-page study guide and a special practice/study guide we furnish for homeschoolers upon request, depending on the age of the child. Ideally, starting between ages 8 1/2-9 are best for private instruction, but there are principles that can easily be learned at any age! Learn right along with your child! It's fun!

Music for Kids

Music for Kids

What is the best age to start piano lessons?

Because we want you to be extra-successful, when you purchase the online course Keys to the Keyboard, we will send you a copy of the book Music for Kids absolutely FREE! Write "Homeschooler" in the message.

Piano-Keyboard Equipment Deborah Johnson

Piano/Keyboard Equipment

What you need to begin--we make it easy!

You don't have a piano or electronic keyboard? We've got you! Get your FREE 3-page download about Piano/ Keyboard Equipment now! It will tell you everything you need to know and what to get to start right away! We make it easy!

About the instructor

Deborah Johnson, M.A.

National recording artist who has produced over two dozen albums and written multiple full-length musicals. Many of her songs and albums have been up for multiple GRAMMY Awards and are licensed world-wide. She is also a speaker and author of 4 books. She has taught every level from elementary to graduate school. 

If you are homeschooling...

Keys to the Keyboard has a full 24-month guide for you! Download this PDF FREE!

Each lesson has music suggestions but the videos focus on learning basic chords, inversions & improvising, which is FUN & lasts a lifetime!

We Know Homeschooling Can be Challenging!

  • I've been there
    I homeschooled our 3 sons because I knew how valuable an experience it would be for them and it was! But with 3 active boys, it was a whirlwind!
  • Limit actual video time
    Let them "play" on the keyboard, still practicing what they are supposed to, but also experiment! With a good set of earphones, they won't disturb you!
  • Set a regular time for practice
    Start with very short periods of time. If you have multiple children, have them rotate and play for each other.
Deborah Johnson-teacher-parent


What an excellent class! We are using it with our homeschool this year and my children enjoy Deborah's engaging videos. The content has been easy to understand and laid out in a way that makes them eager to work on each day. The manual provides a handy chart to check off their daily practice assignments which makes it makes it easy for me to keep track of where they are and reward them for progress made. I highly reccomend this class to anyone looking to get started with piano!

Stacy Yarnall Homeschool mom of 7