About Deborah Johnson

Deborah Johnson is the President and founder of DJWorksMusic and Worthy Acts. She is not only a headliner artist, but speaker, author, composer and educator with a Master's Degree. With over a dozen albums, three full-length original musicals with National Distribution and several books under her belt, these all make Deborah a part of a unique group of women entertainers and composers in the world. In the past years, she has been up for multiple Grammy Awards for her original songs, arrangements and albums. In 2014, she entered the speaker world as an expert in her field and by developing a new book with a motivational keynote entitled, “Getting Your Life Unstuck.” Deborah LOVES her audiences and is uniquely able to relate her years of working as an entrepreneur in the business of music and entertainment to help people get "unstuck." She is also able to add music and media to her messages for even greater impact. Questions or interested in hiring Deborah? Go here: http://djworksmusic.com/booking-contact/. Deborah is also a long-distance runner; she runs her businesses, her home and keeps up with three amazing sons and a husband.

Customer Service-be an Ace!

By |Tips for Entrepreneurs|

Ace Hardware has customer service at the top of their quotient for success. When Jeremy Melnick's grandfather opened his first Ace Hardware store in 1950, there were no Wal-Marts, Lowe's was a five-and-dime, and Home Depot was 29 years away from opening. Despite the intense present competition, business is good. The reason for success, explains Ace [...]

Baseball Spring Training

By |Personal Goal Development|

What does baseball spring training have to do with personal goal development? Quite a bit, actually. I married a professional minor-league baseball player. It didn't matter if you were in the majors or the minors, you showed up when baseball spring training came around. Three days after we were married, we landed in Tucson, Arizona [...]

Protecting Intellectual Property

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How do you protect your intellectual property? Protecting your intellectual property, cybercrime and data breaches are becoming bigger and bigger issues of concern. The definition of intellectual property is a work or invention that is the result of creativity, such as a manuscript or a design, to which one has rights and for which one [...]

Successful Entrepreneurs Fail

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Successful entrepreneurs fail because they are not afraid to fail. Steve Blank, a retired serial entrepreneur and Silicon Valley historian who now teaches entrepreneurship to undergraduate and graduate students at Stanford; UCBerkeley, Columbia University and others says, "You can teach entrepreneurship, but only to the people who desperately want to learn it." He goes on [...]

Easter Songs-Videos and Sheet Music

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Looking for Easter Songs for upcoming Christian church celebrations? Check out top-selling sheet music Were You There When They Crucified my Lord and In the Garden as well as some new hymns! This is an A Capella version of the wonderful Spiritual written before 1865 and a beautiful arrangement of In the Garden. Check out the online piano instruction here: In [...]

Academy Awards-Inspired by Reality

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Most films up for Academy Awards  are inspired by reality. Apparently we love movies about real people-especially when they achieve, make or become something--because they remind us that we might be able to do that, too. In other words, "The movies about these people celebrate the very best in us," says Howard A. Rodman, a screenwriter, [...]

Automated Systems-replacing workers

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Will automated systems soon be replacing workers? In some areas, yes. The Boston Consulting Group predicts that investment in industrial robots will grow 10 percent a year in the world's 25 biggest export nations through 2025, up from 2 percent to 3 percent a year now. The investment will pay off in lower costs and in increased [...]