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Play it Again

You used to play piano…then you lived life; play it again! Instant sheet music for Twenty-one selections, including both piano and instrumental scores, all at intermediate level. All sheet music for every arrangement is available for immediate download. (sheet music here!) You can even see Deborah’s hands play the piano arrangements on the YouTube videos! (below) All songs are written for your success–yes, you can play the piano again and enjoy these beautiful melodies! As always, you can preview a number of pages and many different songs and arrangements before you download! If you are looking for a timeless gift idea, give the gift of music!

WayJour21.jpg Wayfarer’s Journey

piano book

(all 12 solos-59 pages!)

Point of No Return

piano solo

(sheet music) 

Nocturnal piano solo

(sheet music) 

Wayfarer piano solo

(sheet music) 

A Quiet Solace piano solo

(sheet music) 

Pirouette piano solo

(sheet music) 

Solitary Serenade piano solo

(sheet music)

Homecoming piano solo

(sheet music) 

Journey piano solo

(sheet music)

Berceuse piano solo

(sheet music) 

 Cascade piano solo

(sheet music)

 Times Five piano solo

(sheet music)

Do something for yourself–download one of the beautiful songs from Wayfarer’s Journey and start enjoying your piano again right now! These beautiful new songs help you play it again, available as CD, album or single song download. Nine instrumental songs also performed as instrumental solos  and all of the instrumental accompaniment tracks are available too! Wayfarer’s Journey album on Amazon, CDBaby (click here!) and iTunes. Click here for personally signed copies.

Play it Again2

There are many that used to take piano and as time pressures took over or they had make the choice of pursuing a career, they put playing the piano aside. Then came the college degree, relationships and marriage(s), children and life in general. Now there is more time for what you want to do. Now is the time to sit at your piano and play it again with some beautiful new intermediate pieces written to enjoy for hours on end!

These songs are written for the intermediate player in mind. Even some of the fingering and pedal marks are written in! (Download Sheet Music here!) The melodies are memorable–you will find yourself humming them throughout the day. Wayfarer’s Journey songs are as beautiful to listen to as to play. There are two different versions of nine of the songs for instrumental soloists, perfect for weddings and other special occasions. All of those scores are also available, with piano instrumental accompaniment. The piano accompaniment is also written at an intermediate level for those desiring to play it again! For the times instrumentalists don’t have an accompanist, there is a separate album of Wayfarer’s Journey with just the instrumental accompaniment tracks. (click here to view and listen!) You can also view and listen on the CDBaby links below.

Play it Again Music1 Play it Again Mus2
Deborah Johnson: Wayfarer
Deborah Johnson: Wayfarer
 Wayfarer’s Journey Contents p.1 Wayfarer’s Journey Contents p.2 Album and Instrumental Acc. Tracks

Setting realistic goals is part of getting unstuck and making positive changes in your life. (see Goal Setting here) If one of your goals includes piano–to play it again, the music of Wayfarer’s Journey is perfect for you. Download the full book of piano solos (the best deal!), or one song at a time. Piano solo scores are also available with added vocals and instrumentation. Make sure you check out all the versions!

Couple more things:

Learn Piano Online Music for Kids
Learn piano online with this great program!
  • A must-read!
  • Written with millennials in mind
Paperback or eBook

If you’ve always wanted to learn your chords and play some piano basics, check out Keys to the Keyboard. It is an online piano instruction program to help you learn the basics in six months. (or however long it takes you!) It covers all the 3 and 4 note chords, inversions, cadences, and playing with a simple lead sheet. Keys to the Keyboard can also be used as a supplement for other music education, such as private voice instruction. Keys to the Keyboard mainly focuses on learning chords and basic music theory, so if you need a piano refresher course to play it again, the program could work well for you! There are six instructional videos and an eighty page downloadable booklet. This is a program that would cost between $1,440-$1,800 with private instruction. It’s a great program with great value (only $39.97) from a great instructor who makes it fun! Learn Piano Online now! 

Parents and grandparents: do you want the benefit of music lessons for your child or grandchild? Many studies show how music improves self-discipline, thinking skills, spatial reasoning, creative abilities and more. Music for Kids: When to Start Piano Lessons
answers the “how and when” to start a child in music lessons. It also makes a strong case for piano or keyboard instruction and its many benefits. This is a must-read! Great gift and guide with easy-to-read format.

Interested in looking at more sheet music? There is more here with free downloads of single pages: Sheet Music by Deborah Johnson  All sheet music is available for immediate download on SheetMusicPlus.com
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