April 13

What is Positive Energy?


What is positive energy, you ask? It’s one of those buzz words out there, with a high search volume. It’s not totally well-defined and is used in a number of different ways. Psychology Today defines it as a bundle of desirable attributes. The article goes on to describe, “A person who is enthusiastic, empathic, cheerful, optimistic, courteous, generous or kind.” Without dipping into deep psychological jargon, I hope to do that through my Positive Energy blog with communication that is easy to relate to and understand. The aim of my Positive Energy blog is to encourage others to move forward in their life and career with solid principles and ideas, including tips for entrepreneurs, personal goal development, new music, videos and work-life balance principles. I will soon be adding short video blogs to enhance the experience and communication. See my most recent video release of Superwoman below.

When you are around people who share your passion and interact with them on a regular basis, you create positive energy. That is why network groups and and focus groups are so important for so many entrepreneurs. With the upcoming generations sometimes connected more to their devices and the virtual world than a conversation with a human, honest and authentic connection becomes more an more important. I can remember clearly the times I couldn’t help but listen in on some of the conversations around my grandmother’s kitchen table, as she refilled coffee cups and often served pieces of fresh-baked pie. My grandfather was mayor of the town and my father and uncles were building developers as well as firemen and policemen.

Positive energy also comes from passion about your business for most entrepreneurs. What do you absolutely love to do? I would bet your passion has grown as you have become more skilled in a certain field.  In the book So Good They Can’t Ignore You: Why Skills Trump Passion in the Quest for Work You Love ( a quote from Steve Martin from his memoir Born Standing Up) Cal Newport states that passion is overrated and focus on control and a unified mission for your career. For Steve Martin, comedy at the time was all setup and punch line, but Martin made his act more sophisticated with no punch lines. He created tension and never released it. It took him ten years, but when his style became popular, he was a monster success. (See article here)
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