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Until Next Time Sheet Music


Until Next Time Sheet Music is now available at Sheet Music Plus! Gone are the days that music typewriters were $20,000 (this was the cost when I was finishing grad school!) Everything was printed with a music calligraphy pen and you could tell how much work I was doing by my black-stained fingers! Music programs like Finale changed all of that! I have used the program since the very first issue, and it has come a long way. My first version was shipped with three large beautiful manuals, enclosed in a case. They’d probably be a collectors item now! There are still little quirks in the program, but I am still very thankful for all the options it provides for artists, orchestrators, composers and even novices. Below is the text from the music page for Until Next Time. Also check out my sheet music page here:
Until Next Time sheet music composed by Deborah Johnson. For Piano, Piano/Vocal/Chords, Alto Voice, Baritone Voice, Guitar. Jazz,Pop,Folk,Secular. Intermediate.   Published by DJWorks Music (S0.48785). Beautiful love ballad, music and lyrics by Deborah Johnson. First written as a part of the musical, One Little Kiss, this is a folk-style jazz arrangement that can be performed as a solo or duet. In the score is the sparse secondary piano part, played two octaves apart, and the guitar solo. It has become a favorite in live performances. It includes 9 pages besides the title page. The song is available for download on the album The Hero Inside. ( Full video of the song below.  It can be performed with or without the duet, which is written mostly in octaves. It can also be performed very effectively with just guitar. (click on music page to go to buy sheet music!)

Until Next Time Sheet Music


The piano transcription is mostly at the intermediate level and the vocal range for the solo in this version is between a low E (below middle C) to a mid-A. It can easily be transposed up a key or two, depending on the singer.Until Next Time is written and arranged by Deborah Johnson. DEBORAH JOHNSON, is a National Recording Artist, Composer, Speaker and published Author. She has recorded dozens of albums, written 3 original musicals and has appeared on many stages around the country and world. She also appears with the headliner piano/vocal duo Double Grande. ( Her internationally released book, Stuck is Not a Four-Letter Word, has garnered great reviews. (available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble) She has also been up for multiple Grammy Awards. Singing the duet with Deborah is DAVID JOHNSON is a gifted vocalist, conductor and producer who is also building an extensive touring and recording resume. He is pursuing business as well as a baseball career.

Music and Lyrics by Deborah Johnson. Basic production and piano tracking by Deborah. Additional production, guitars and bass by Michael Ferenci. Recorded at Ferenci Studios, Silverlake, CA.

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