February 27

Sucker Branches


sucker branch

I had just finished the chapter on my STUCK book about Sucker Branches and went outside to pick some Tangerines.  The tree was absolutely loaded with fruit, but to my dismay I got several good scratches on my hands because there were sucker branches between the healthy branches.  How did I not see these?

As there was so much fruit on the tree, I had not seen them before. Sucker branches need trimmed back or they will suck the life out of the tree.

It was dusk when I went out to start trimming and didn’t get very far as I noticed even the top branches had no fruit on them, but very large thorns.  I will finish trimming another day and the tree will probably look more like a bush, but I know it will be much healthier in the long run.  It reminded me again how we need to notice the things in our life that can take over by sapping our energy and good work because they are just sucker branches.

©2013 Deborah Johnson


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