June 26

Strangler Fig and Sucker Branches

Strangler fig is a common name for a number of tropical and subtropical plant species.  They all share a common strangling growth habit.  They just begin with a small seed, usually dropped by birds in crevices atop trees.  The seedlings grow their roots downward and envelop the host tree while also growing upward to reach into the sunlight zone.
The original tree can sometimes die from this growth, thus the strangler fig becomes a columnar tree with a hollow central core. How is your personal and professional life doing?  Are you being strangled with some sort of growth that will leave you with a hollow core? It’s worth paying attention to the type of seed and influence we let grow in our lives.
Strangler figStep four to Getting Your Life Unstuck in the book, Stuck is Not a Four-Letter Word is to eliminate distractions. In other words, identify time-wasters, energy zappers, toxins and habits that take you away from healthy growth. I use the illustration of a sucker branch in the book. Sucker branches can take over your garden and trees with an incessant fierceness. They look very similar to the rest of the plant, but soon the leaves may look like a fleshy graft. They grow fast and tall if the tree is under stress. They are never going to bear fruit and removing them early in pruning will help you see the structure of your tree to make it easier to distinguish where further cuts are necessary.

Life is full of sucker branches. Certain people, events, business deals and even thoughts can detract from life events that produce real success, satisfaction and fruit. Life is also full of strangler figs that can look pretty at first, but will strangle your growth. It’s always good to evaluate our life and business for any of those growths that need nipped while they are small and before they take over! It’s a challenge for all of us! It is also a good idea to evaluate your goals often. Check out this page on goal setting!
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