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Social Media Strategy


If you are an entrepreneur and sole proprietor, deciding on a social media strategy is one thing; but implementing a social media strategy is a different animal. How do you choose which direction to go and how much is enough? I recently spoke with Heather Lutze of Findability.com about the focus of my business. (We were speaking on GoTo Meetings as she is in Colorado and I am based in California) I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with the whole social media process I had in place. How does one person keep up with “Twitter, Facebook (multiple fan pages for different projects!), Linkedin, YouTube…and on and on. For those of you handling all the “Superwoman” tasks of life and business (see Superwoman video below!) you may feel as I do, that you’re one step from going over the edge! Actually, that is what the Superwoman song is about. It is all about how much we, as ordinary women, handle in our lives!

After Heather quickly looked at all my social media sites (links on my website) she was able to enlighten me with  some focus and clarity. (If you don’t have someone in your life like Heather who can help you with this, make it a priority to find someone!) She immediately saw a couple key social media strategy sites of mine that were creating more momentum than others. She then gave me these wise words of advice, “You can’t do them all well.”

Now I knew this, but I needed told! I felt as if I was somewhat drowning in tweets and posts. Of course,  My Positive Energy blog already automatically posts to my Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter sites, but I don’t tweet 20x or more a day like some do. I’ve also not built up a huge following on Twitter. It just hasn’t been a priority for me. But I have developed my YouTube channel and Facebook pages. I’ve also developed a nice Monthly Newsletter subscriber base for a newsletter I’ve sent out regularly for over ten years. (Free Subscription here!) Oliver Luckett, who founded TheAudience in 2011, a Hollywood-based media publishing startup, says that even the smallest scrap of content, “A clever tweet, a video or a image…can have a massive and long-lasting impact across the social landscape.” Applying this to my business, Heather suggested I focus on the visuals and videos in YouTube channel (subscribe here!), my blog and an expansion on Pinterest that properly links in with my website.

There are the digital-savvy teens and twenty-somethings who’ve leveraged YouTube, Snapchat and other platforms to catapult to global fame. They all seem to share an uncanny aptitude for the art of self-promotion as well as an unparalleled mastery over social social channels that most… still struggle to comprehend. Those are who TheAudience has teamed up with to help people like you and I. But in order to help you, they still need you to define a couple important things. And if you have defined those things, the principles Heather has so wonderfully provided in her Findability Formula will help move you forward in your social media strategy yourself.

Two main things to define are one, your audience and two, your story. Who are you speaking to and selling to? What do they look like? As I have multiple audiences, I have struggled with this definition, but I realize that the more specific I am, the more impact I will have. And what about your story? What or who are you really selling? Storytelling is starting to get more and more press as an incredible speaking and promotional tool. If your audience can identify and relate to your story, you build trust and hopefully a lifelong customer. Luckett (of TheAudience) really sums up any social media strategy with these words, “Social media is an amazing equalizer. There’s never been a more incredible time to be a creator than right now.” I do agree. We all just have to figure out what works best for us and what we can truly handle, even if we are called Superwoman!
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