May 28


Seeing with a Clear Focus

By Deborah Johnson

May 28, 2015

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Any time you want to make a positive change in your life or are setting a goal, there are a couple things to consider. Number one is following directions (make sure you check out that post and video!), and number two is seeing with a clear focus and we’ll be talking about seeing with a clear focus today. (video here or see video below)

More and more of our society is hooked on their mobile devices, whether it’s a phone, a tablet, a computer, a laptop, and I’m no exception! Well, I was at Starbucks and I brought my laptop and I was going to do some work, and all of a sudden my screen became very, very blurry. Now I love impressionistic art and impressionistic music, but I do not like looking at impressionistic Word documents! It’s not a pretty sight!

Well, I was a little concerned, so I took off my reading glasses and everything got a lot clearer. Ooh…what’s wrong? So I look at my glasses and I notice that one of the lenses is out, it’s missing. So of course, that’s why everything was blurry. Doesn’t that happen to us quite a bit, where we’re not really seeing the picture, whether it’s our weight, whether it’s blood pressure, whether it’s our finances? How much money are we really making, or are we really losing? Any time there’s a target, even with a scud missile or ballistic missile, those quotients have to be exact, otherwise the outcome could be less than desired or devastating. (See more on Goal Setting here!)

It’s very important to know exactly where you’re starting from and it will help you determine exactly where you want to end up. So again, following directions and seeing with a clear focus are very important parts of setting a goal and of making a positive change in your life and I hope that’s helped you. (Make sure you check out Stuck is Not a Four-Letter Word: Seven Steps to Getting Un-stuck!)

I hope this has helped you today. Make sure you also tune into Following Directions. Have a great day, full of positive energy! (Deborah is a National Speaker and Entertainer: inquire here!)

Music: SUPERWOMAN by Deborah Johnson (check out video below and let me know what you think!)

Are you a superwoman? I understand the pressures of being a superwoman in today’s society. To be a superwoman, you balance a home, career changes, kids, a spouse (or other significant relationship) and life in general. That covers what most women handle, as they carry a superwoman load in life! I myself have balanced a home, a career that has had it’s twists and turns, three sons four years apart, a marriage that has lasted–not without working through tough issues–and just “life stuff” in general. Society places so many expectations on us; staying in shape, keeping a home that is neat and organized, being available for our spouse and kids… and much, much more. (I’m not even mentioning cooking here!) The song Superwoman says it all. Superwoman song download here, also on iTunes and Amazon.

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Deborah Johnson

About the author

Deborah Johnson is the President and founder of DJWorksMusic and Worthy Acts. She is not only a headliner artist, but speaker, author, composer and educator with a Master's Degree.

With over a dozen albums, three full-length original musicals with National Distribution and several books under her belt, these all make Deborah a part of a unique group of women entertainers and composers in the world. In the past years, she has been up for multiple Grammy Awards for her original songs, arrangements and albums. In 2014, she entered the speaker world as an expert in her field and by developing a new book with a motivational keynote entitled, “Getting Your Life Unstuck.”

Deborah LOVES her audiences and is uniquely able to relate her years of working as an entrepreneur in the business of music and entertainment to help people get "unstuck." She is also able to add music and media to her messages for even greater impact. Questions or interested in hiring Deborah? Go here:

Deborah is also a long-distance runner; she runs her businesses, her home and keeps up with three amazing sons and a husband.

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