Pushing the limits can take on a number of meanings. In sports, it means to push your body as hard as you can until absolutely exhausted to reach a certain goal. In film and media, it may mean using technology that is on the cutting edge. In fact, at the last National Speakers Conference I attended, guitarist Mike Rayburn used a hologram, playing Beethoven’s 5th with himself as a guitar duo. It was absolutely spectacular. (see video below) When I first looked into using a hologram for one of my musicals, Tsarina, (photo of the world premiere cast above) interviewing a major Los Angeles media company, the cost was so exorbitant that I knew I would not be pushing the limits with a hologram! I know the sacrifices Rayburn made to make his performance happen, but still the technology had progressed to the point that he could figure out a way for pushing the limits with his guitar.

We see constant examples of pushing the limits with comic heroes, as Batman and Superman. In recent movies they have taken on more physical capabilities with amazing digital effects and stunts. Marvel Comics as well as other types of shows, including new T.V. series, have capitalized on those effects to expand our imaginations.

Danny Cox, former supersonic pilot and new friend, wrote a book about pushing the limits, There Are No Limits: Breaking the Barriers in Personal High Performance. Danny spent ten years flying supersonic all-weather fighters in the United States Air Force. In addition to this he was a test pilot and air show pilot as well as a speaker to civilian organizations in surrounding cities that were hard hit by sonic booms. He was internationally known as The Sonic Boom Salesman. Listening to Danny share how fast he had to wake up from a deep sleep and be in the air, at supersonic flight speed (up to 800 mph!) is pretty amazing. I think it was between 3-7 minutes. If you need a 20 minute hot shower to wake up, I guess being a supersonic pilot wouldn’t be an option you! Danny is an incredible example of pushing the limits!

What limits are you pushing? Do you know where your life and business are going? If you’re not sure where you’re going, that’s where you may end up–confused and misguided! If a missile has no exact target, there is either no impact, or and impact that’s devastating. Check out these pages on Goal Setting and a free Goal Setting Worksheet to further define your target. Not everyone is working on pushing the limits with using holograms, special movie effects or flying supersonic jets, but you may need to consider pushing the limits of your imagination of what you can accomplish with targeted goals.

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