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Add MUSIC back in your life! Relieves stress, keeps the mind SHARP and adds so much ENJOYMENT!

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Personal Development Books3

Vocal-Piano 99 pgs.

Wayfarers Journey Book Cover-Deborah Johnson

Vocal-Piano 60 pgs.

Stiltz the Musical Book-Deborah Johnson

Vocal-Piano 144 pgs.

Stiltz Musical Vocal Score-Deborah Johnson

Vocal Score 86 pgs.

Tsarina the Musical vocal-piano cover

Vocal-Piano 134 pgs.

Tsarina the Musical Vocal score cover

Vocal Score 90 pgs.

Deborah Johnson-Music Books

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Father's Favorite Hymns,Wayfarer's Journey, Stiltz the Musical, Tsarina the Musical & Keys to the Keyboard

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Full CD Albums

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Play it Again

Wayfarer's Journey Piano & Instrumental Solos

12 Orginal Instrumental songs-Sheet Music & Instrumental tracks also available HERE

Teachers & Students: Perfect for Intermediate Level!

Motivational Speech2

The Hero Inside

12 original Strong pop/folk ballads & duets 

The Classics Rock

2 Grand Pianos with Rock & Jazz Variations of world’s most popular classical music.

The Double Grandé Experience

From Hollywood to Broadway Vocal Duets

My Father's Favorite Hymns

Contemporary arrangements of timeless favorites

Musical Moments

Arrangements of songs from Andrew Lloyd Webber & Gershwin & Deborah Johnson. Think of Me, Our Love is Here to Stay, Phantom of the Opera...

Merry Christmas Too!

Delightfully orchestrated upbeat Christmas Medleys & songs. Instrumental Tracks HERE

Chocolate: Songs of Love

Original vocal pop ballads and standards-love songs by Deborah Johnson

Classical Spice

Classical Piano withRhythmic & World Instrumentation by  Deborah Johnson


Inspirational album full of original favorites by Deborah Johnson

Tsarina the Musical original studio album

Tsarina The Musical: 20 songs/tracks-some songs on videos are from world premiere & not on studio album

Office #7 (Stiltz the Musical) original studio album

Office #7 (now Stiltz the Musical): 18 songs/tracks-some songs on videos are revisions performed in the world premiere, different than the studio album versions.


Bad Code Album

Bad Code Single

Rock single to accompany the book Bad Code: Overcoming Bad Mental Code that Sabotages Your Life!

Superwoman Single

Fun single for all the "Superwomen" out there! Make sure you watch the YouTube video!

Prelude & Solfeggietto by J.S. & C.P.E. Bach

Deborah's rock arrangement of these classics! Make sure you watch the YouTube video!

Slow Pitch Superstar

Slow Pitch Superstar for all the Softball finaciados!

Slow Pitch Superstar Rock Single, vocals by international softball champion, David Johnson!

Desert Sea

Song arranged for chorus, written by Deborah Johnson

Heart Attack Waitin' to Happen

Deborah's arrangement & parody on her song "Heartbreak Waitin' to Happen!"

Come Out of the Dark single

Come Out of the Dark Single by Deborah Johnson arranged for TTBB! Watch YouTube!

Come Out of the Dark Instrumental Track

Instrumental track for performance arranged by Deborah. Downloadable Sheet Music!

Wayfarer's Journey

Wayfarer's Journey full album Instrumental Tracks (play along!)


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