April 8

Pressures of a Superwoman


Are you a superwoman? I understand the pressures of being a superwoman in today’s society. To be a superwoman, you balance a home, career changes, kids, a spouse (or other significant relationship) and life in general. That covers what most women handle, as they carry a superwoman load in life! I myself have balanced a home, a career that has had it’s twists and turns, three sons four years apart, a marriage that has lasted–not without working through tough issues–and just “life stuff” in general. Society places so many expectations on us; staying in shape, keeping a home that is neat and organized, being available for our spouse and kids… and much, much more. (I’m not even mentioning cooking here!) The song Superwoman says it all.

As you watch and listen to the words of the song, Superwoman, I hope you start smiling and feel understood! As I speak on Getting Unstuck in life, (see my speaking page to hire me!) I understand the pressures women face to perform and be successful, both in life and career. Many times, we put those pressures on ourselves as we look at slick magazine covers with teen models, stick thin with beautiful complexions; home magazines that we compare our homes to, not realizing that decorating one room could cost as much as our mortgage. 

Comparison to those models and homes can be disheartening and discouraging, especially if you’ve had a kid or two and a busy lifestyle where you can hardly keep the laundry in tow, much less re-decorate, paint and exercise. And how about the single moms who handle multiple jobs, kids and a household? They are a superwoman on steroids.

Don’t get me wrong: I work out most mornings, I love a clean and neat home (I have to work hard at this!), and as an entrepreneur, I am constantly working. I don’t profess to be a great cook, but I do bake an amazing apple pie. I have had to realize that there are times the house is far from Good Housekeeping (yes, I admit I’ve enjoyed this magazine for a number of years!);when I had a sick child, that took precedence over everything else, including my work. And now, my work will wait when one of our adult children is available to spend time with me; an absolute priority that has never changed. My husband and I are also sandwiched between aging parents and adult children, so spending time with both is a bit tricky, but so rewarding, as we can’t Buy Back the Years. (see song and video here)

If you are a woman, I believe you are a superwoman. You handle so much in life. So get those 30,000 words in, let the laundry go once in awhile and just move your body, whether in a gym workout, or even a short walk. Time for yourself is healthy and needed, so make sure you schedule time for you in your day and week. (I’m talking to myself here!) You are a superwoman! Superwoman song download here, also on iTunes and Amazon.

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