Play it Again

You used to play piano...then you lived life; play it again! Instant sheet music for Twenty-one selections, including both piano and instrumental scores, all at intermediate level. All sheet music for every arrangement is available for immediate download. (sheet music here!) You can even see Deborah's hands play the piano arrangements on the YouTube videos! (below) All songs [...]

Google Mobile Friendly

It is becoming more and more important for websites to be Google Mobile friendly. The number of mobile searches in the U.S. is rising about 5 percent while inquiries on PC's are dipping slightly, according to research firm com-Score Inc. In the final three months of 2014, 29 percent of all U.S. search requests--about 18.5 [...]

Social Media Strategy

If you are an entrepreneur and sole proprietor, deciding on a social media strategy is one thing; but implementing a social media strategy is a different animal. How do you choose which direction to go and how much is enough? I recently spoke with Heather Lutze of about the focus of my business. (We were [...]

What is Positive Energy?

What is positive energy, you ask? It's one of those buzz words out there, with a high search volume. It's not totally well-defined and is used in a number of different ways. Psychology Today defines it as a bundle of desirable attributes. The article goes on to describe, "A person who is enthusiastic, empathic, cheerful, optimistic, [...]

Pressures of a Superwoman

Are you a superwoman? I understand the pressures of being a superwoman in today's society. To be a superwoman, you balance a home, career changes, kids, a spouse (or other significant relationship) and life in general. That covers what most women handle, as they carry a superwoman load in life! I myself have balanced a home, a [...]