Understanding the answer to the question, “What are your strengths?” will help you in your journey to get unstuck!

What are your strengths? Do you know your core competency and are you using it in the greatest capacity?


What is your Core Competency?

Discover not only your core competency, but focus on your niche within your competency.


What is Your Calling?

Learn how to organize your life with a greater purpose and power.


What is your Commitment?

What action are you willing to take and what actions are you not willing to take??

If you need to reinvent your life, understanding your core competency will help you!
Understanding your calling helps you to focus on the things that really matter.
When you have the other pieces in place, commitment is the key to success.

When you ask the question “what are your strengths?” how do you respond?

  • In a cold sweat?
  • In confusion?
  • With excitement?
  • With wonder why it matters?

Fun Breakout!

This interactive breakout or mini-workshop can be added on to a keynote motivational speech. Deborah spends time focusing on the question “what are your strengths?” Benefits can be:

  • Help you reinvent your life and business
  • Help you revitalize your life and business
  • Improve productivity by focusing on strengths
  • Create greater focus for increased impact.
  • Take away some of the stress and anxiety from lack of focus
  • Help you sleep better at night!
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