Are you living with purpose? Take some time to re-evaluate and re-start your engine!

Living with purpose helps you to live a life of significance, not just a life of success.


Your Life Can make a Difference!

Are you living for success or significance, or both?


Get rid of the things that are holding you back!

Strangler figs and sucker branches can suck the life out of your purpose and goals!


Take your Commitment to the Next Level

Define reachable goals, no matter where you are in your journey! (Even learning piano online!)

Whether at work or at home, understanding your goals and purpose helps you make a bigger impact for the future.
They both look pretty on the outside, but a strangler fig will kill a tree and a sucker branch has no fruit and thorns, taking away from the energy of a tree or plant.
To have the greatest impact, you need a clear starting and ending place, just like a scud missile target. Take some time to define these.

What does living with purpose mean to you?

  • You think you know.
  • You’re sure you know, but why does it matter, you say?
  • You have no clue
  • You are on a journey to find out

Impactful Breakout!

This impactful breakout or mini-workshop can be added on to a keynote motivational speech. Deborah spends time focusing on Living with Purpose. Benefits can be:

  • Help you make important changes in your life
  • Help you make impactful changes in your business
  • Give you a boost of energy as you are more focused and centered
  • Give you confidence that you are fulfilling your personal mission
  • Take away some of the stress and anxiety from lack of focus
  • Help you sleep better at night!
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