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If you are stuck, Deborah Johnson can help you get unstuck and master your mental code with applicable transforming principles based on solid research that really stick! Get unstuck with Deborah’s motivational speeches and workshops! Below are some of her most requested topics.

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Get Unstuck Keynote Speaker

Feeling stuck can leave you feeling alone, isolated, abandoned and ultimately confused about the decision of your next life move. With humor and inspirational stories, Deborah helps you identify and displace personal and professional traps that ensnare and produce confusion. She motivates you to use your personal assets and set major league goals to live not only a successful life, but a significant life! Check out full online course HERE.

  • Define your personal and professional traps with a plan to eliminate at least one.
  • Define your personal and professional assets with a plan to develop at least one.
  • Determine and identify at least one major league goal for a purpose-filled life.

 Check out full online course HERE.

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Master Your Mental Code keynote speaker

If you don’t prepare mentally with the proper mental tools and mindsets, you could be sabotaged and hacked with bad mental code that will absolutely immobilize and paralyze you. Using current relevant virtual illustrations, Deborah helps you apply powerful principles to evaluate and restore your personal identity with constructive mindsets. Those mindsets are a must for encountering the current and subsequent decades of your life!

  • Identify at least one of your negative mental viruses and craft language to replace it.
  • Define at least one mental tool you can apply immediately to barricade a mental hack.
  • Determine at least one new constructive habit that will help you meet a subsequent decade of your life.
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The Hero Inside keynote speaker

Most superheroes who are now popular, like Ironman, Batman or Captain America, have had a difficult past. No matter where you came from, there is a hero inside you. Weaving in ordinary, yet extraordinary stories, Deborah helps you move toward living your authentic life as an everyday hero. This inspirational program celebrates the victories in your life, small and large, turning what you view as failure to solid steps of success. Discover your hero inside and fly!

  • Identify your life position and at least one step you can take immediately to make it stronger.
  • Define and plan to develop at least one relationship in your life that will help you walk life’s tightrope.
  • Develop one phrase and mindset that will work for you when you need to revise your plans on the fly.
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Memories, not Chaos keynote speaker

This inspirational keynote is based on solid scriptural principles to create your own unique purposeful plan as you face life’s stormy weather. With parables and many inspiring stories, Deborah helps you balance many of the precarious situations a Christian woman faces both personally and professionally. This program is also perfect for a main session in a Christian Women’s conference or retreat.

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Deborah loves to inspire you with motivational speeches to move forward in getting unstuck!

Deborah uses her special gifts of music and entertaining to motivate, inspire and illustrate in ways that not only touch the mind, but the heart. Also see her speaking website at for even more information!

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Hire Getting Unstuck Motivational Speaker and Artist Deborah to speak and perform at an event or company function. Perfect for Human Resource events.

If you are stuck and find yourself at a point where you need to reinvent your life, Deborah can help you! Also check out her online courses.

Reach your potential! Feeling stuck can leave you feeling alone, isolated, abandoned, and ultimately confused about the decision of your next life move. Healthy mental code is essential to help you break out of unnecessary obstructions in your life for effective leadership and work/life balance. Deborah encourages and inspires with a results-oriented push. She has appeared on many large and small stages all across the U.S. and Europe.

Deborah loves to inspire and motivate her audiences to move forward and reach their goals with successful, proven principles that really stick!
Deborah is not only a speaker and coach, but a concert pianist, vocalist and composer who is able to use media and music in her presentations to not only reach the mind, but the heart. As a successful headline entertainer, she has a creative skill set as a creative musician and analytical geek!
Deborah also has a Masters Degree and has been an instructor for every level through graduate school. She is also a prolific author, researcher and composer.
Deborah is a speaker for many types of events and also books headline concerts for corporate and performing arts events. She mainly does fly-outs from her base in the Southern California area. Her material is especially valuable to H.R. groups.