How can I help You achieve your goals?

With an extensive resume as a recording artist and writer, as well as instructor-teaching every level from elementary to graduate school, my greatest strength as a master teacher is moving others towards achieving goals with a results-oriented push. My master teacher and coaching philosophy is not only based upon knowledge, but is affirmed with targeted inspiration and communication. Whether looking to learn piano, improve vocal technique or expand opportunities for  future performing and writing with targeted goals, I aim to help you do that successfully, using your personal strengths. I have been in the music “business” for many years and have traveled the country producing professional showcases for other artists, as well as for my own shows. As a lifelong-learner, my education has continued far beyond a Masters Degree in Music. I offer coaching in my personal studio or virtually online.

Ways a master teacher can help:

What is your personal “it” quality? Do you know your core competency? I can help you with this.
From piano technique, breath control, vowels and placement/connection of tone, targeted instruction takes you through your vocal register and moves you ahead on the keyboard with ease.
Write out, produce and record your compositions. Targeted help with music notation software and successful plans towards production.
If a performer, you should have an updated “book” containing your song charts in your keys. If you are working on your own show, help putting together the complete show with transitions. If you are looking for extra help with promotions, check out Worthy Acts.
If local, these small performance opportunities occur throughout the year, providing a place to try out new compositions, etc… If you are looking to perform in Performing Arts venues, check out Worthy Acts.

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Piano and Voice

Combination of both, learned from a master teacher. It is helpful to have a strong background of piano before combining the two. Deborah has not only taught since the age of 13, but been a first-call pianist/vocalist for many agencies, including Disney.

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Write out, Perform and Record your Own Music

If you are a writer, learn to write out your own music. Deborah not only has recorded over two dozen album projects, but has produced sheet music for many of her compositions. She works extensively on Finale software.

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Achieve Your Goals!

A well-defined reachable goal spells HOPE. (quote by Deborah) Deborah has not only helped many with personal goals, but artistic goals as a college Music Business Instructor. For more on goals: Goal-Setting

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