We learn several more lessons in Marketing 101 with a recent campaign featuring GoPro, the tiny but rugged mountable video camera. (see part one here) Wistia, the B2B video-hosting company that was in charge of marketing set the first principle: to use inspiration and creativity in marketing with GoPros sporty Hero 4 video camera. Their second marketing 101 principle was to have solid goals. Their marketing campaign had the goal of reaching the audience’s audience, which is a great principle of focusing energy on engaging the current audience to spread the content to others. Word of mouth, social media and other ways to have a snowballing effect to build the core audience with every new piece of content.

Goal Setting Worksheet

Going further into the goals (see page on Goal Setting here) Wistia set, they aimed to drive engagement across multiple company-owned and social media channels, as well as encourage repeat visits to its blog. They actually published content daily to encourage visitors to return for something new. This took a team to create this effort for so much new content over the time frame they set, a week. So the next marketing 101 third principle that comes from the GoPro campaign is to focus efforts so you don’t dilute your energy and impact. The five blog posts were focused on five approaches to using the GoPro in a B2B context. They then utilized email and Twitter to amplify their program. Each blog post featured a video demonstrating a different topic of how to use the camera in different ways.

Goal Setting Worksheet-Projects

Wistia sent only two messages during the week to their email subscribers; one at the start of the week with the link to the first post, and one at the end, recapping and linking to all five posts. This was smart marketing, not to over-saturate their very valuable email list with too many emails. In total, over a three-week time, the marketing team produced five written blog posts, seven videos (embedded in the posts), two custom emails and a few graphic calls to action. Sounds simple when you lay it all out this way, but to coordinate efforts and make sure everything was organized and there was no duplication of efforts was a challenge.

Wistia pulled it off successfully as they evaluated the results. That is another very important part of marketing 101-make sure you know how effective your efforts are with honest evaluation. As I am very project-oriented, many times I have my timeline and goals in my head, but I have learned that it’s very important to put them down on paper and evaluate them carefully during each part of the process. See some of the free downloadable Goal Setting Worksheets here, including one just focusing on projects. I hope you find them as valuable as I. I constantly organize goals and projects this way for maximum success.
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