December 26

Holiday Stress


What do you do after the busy holidays, especially if you have been coping with holiday stress? I’d like to suggest a reset.  Reset means to set again and set differently. If your electricity has ever gone off, you have probably had to reset your clocks, or you may surely oversleep way past your alarm time. If your website has ever been hacked or if you find strange code in some of your web files, there is also a place to reset your files to a previous setting, which can erase malicious code.

Holiday Stress

My husband used to work for the Campbell Soup Company, specifically Pepperidge Farm Frozen Foods. (yes, we were able to sample all the yummy desserts!) He worked many resets, happening through the night, which involved taking everything out of store freezers and putting them in again, reorganized and regrouped. There was a master chart and every item was put in its exact spot and location. Sometimes you don’t realize you’ve been coping with holiday stress until after everything’s over, completely exhausted and depleted of energy. If our days and month have spun out of control and we are faced with not only exhaustion, but also the desire to regroup and reorganize, it’s helpful to know what reset button to push. Do we reset our goals, our schedule, our habits; and know the exact location to where we’re headed?

Something I plan on doing soon into the new year is to simplify the number of belongings I have, starting with my closets. This may not sound like it’s directly applicable to holiday stress and resetting, but it is a part of my plan to somewhat simplify my life. I’ve been reading Marie Kondos’ The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing  on my Kindle and feel as if Marie has some great things to say that will help me. Getting rid of extra “stuff” that you don’t really love anymore can free up your mind. As you face a new year ahead, I’d like to encourage you to take some time to think through your short and long-term goals and maybe getting rid of some extra stuff that may be causing extra weight and stress in your life. 

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