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Google Mobile Friendly


It is becoming more and more important for websites to be Google Mobile friendly. The number of mobile searches in the U.S. is rising about 5 percent while inquiries on PC’s are dipping slightly, according to research firm com-Score Inc. In the final three months of 2014, 29 percent of all U.S. search requests–about 18.5 billion–were made on mobile devices.

To stay in Google’s good graces, websites must be designed so they load quickly on mobile devices. Content must also be easily accessible by scrolling up and down–without having to also swipe to the left or right. I quickly brought up my website domain, DJWorksMusic.com, on my iPhone and checked out my website. I knew I had a good WordPress skin with the Avada Theme, but as I hardly go to my website on a portable device, I wanted to see how it looked on my phone. I was pleasantly surprised at how well I could navigate, but I did catch a couple pictures that didn’t show up and a video that was not showing correctly. That was an eye-opener to me as I do want to be google mobile friendly. (see DJWorksMusic.com here)

Google Mobile Friendly2

Apparently, in a survey from the research firm Clutch, they found that of the small businesses that do have websites, only 56 percent have a responsive design that is mobile-friendly. This is after finding that 25 percent of small businesses don’t even have a website! This is an important statistic to note as a large percentage of people aren’t browsing, shopping or buying the way they used to. Much of their shopping is now done online.

Andrew Rudister, co-founder of the Web design firm MAXBURST, offered this thought on Clutch’s survey results: “Having a strong online presence is kind of as important as having a professional looking business card. In my opinion, you cannot effectively compete or market yourself without a website–you must have one.”

Google says it also helps if all buttons for making purchases or taking other actions on the website can be easily seen and touched on smaller screens. This is something I need to check as well. As busy as we all keep running our businesses and developing our products, making sure clients can easily order should be a top priority. If you’re like me, you juggle a number of things in your life. (Watch Superwoman video below-I hope it makes you smile! Also please leave a comment!)

As I plan on releasing another album very soon and have expanded my platform, as speaker as well as musical artist, checking any new webpage I launch is a top priority. They need to be easy to navigate and understand. (Download a free Goal Worksheet here to help you move forward) I love what I do, and that is important. So now I have some work to do to make sure I practice what I preach–I want to make sure I’m Google Mobile friendly!
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