May 26

Following Directions


Any time you set a goal or want to make a positive change in your life, there are a couple things to consider. Number one is following directions, and number two is seeing with a clear focus. Today I’m going to talk about following directions. (Video here or below)

I don’t know how many of you, like I have have raised teenagers. Do you remember the time when all of a sudden they were eligible to get behind a wheel, surrounded by thousands of pounds of metal, accelerating up to 80 miles an hour and making split-second decisions? Did you feel like they were ready? It was a rather daunting prospect. 

But you know, when we were fifteen or sixteen years old, boy we really felt ready to get behind the wheel of a car to drive, didn’t we? I felt very mature. I was ready to conquer the world. And I still remember at the age of fifteen and ½ going down to the DMV to get my driver training permit. We had to take a couple tests. One, was the written test. Well, I passed it, no problem, and then the vision test. We had to look into this little machine. I failed the vision test!

What? I’d never failed a vision test in my life! What was wrong? I was so disappointed! My mother marched me down to the eye doctor and said, “O.K. let’s figure out what the problem is here.” So the eye doctor, sure enough started testing me, I could read that first letter, but all the others, I was not getting them correct. Pretty soon, he got a little smirk on his face and he said, “Let me try something.” He started isolating the letters, one by one, and sure enough, I got them correct. Then he said, “You know, I think I know what your problem was.” “What?” “You read the chart backwards.”

What? I’m not dyslexic, I’d never done this before in my life, but I think I was so nervous and I wanted that permit so badly that I read the chart wrong, I didn’t follow directions. Well, how often do we do that in our life, whether it’s for a diet, a fitness program, a business proposition, could be even a relationship.

I have a son who was a personal trainer and any time his clients would really follow the nutritional program and the fitness program, they had wonderful results. They made all these great positive changes. Whenever they would cut those corners, they did not have the results they anticipated and they wanted. Following directions usually does work, it makes a greater impact with what we’re trying to do, whether it’s achieving goals, getting unstuck in life, or making positive changes. (Make sure you check out Stuck is Not a Four-Letter Word: Seven Steps to Getting Un-stuck!)

I hope this has helped you today. Make sure you also tune into Seeing with a Clear Focus. Have a great day, full of positive energy! (Deborah is a National Speaker and Entertainer: inquire here!)

Music: SUPERWOMAN by Deborah Johnson (check out video below and let me know what you think!)

Are you a superwoman? I understand the pressures of being a superwoman in today’s society. To be a superwoman, you balance a home, career changes, kids, a spouse (or other significant relationship) and life in general. That covers what most women handle, as they carry a superwoman load in life! I myself have balanced a home, a career that has had it’s twists and turns, three sons four years apart, a marriage that has lasted–not without working through tough issues–and just “life stuff” in general. Society places so many expectations on us; staying in shape, keeping a home that is neat and organized, being available for our spouse and kids… and much, much more. (I’m not even mentioning cooking here!) The song Superwoman says it all. Superwoman song download here, also on iTunes and Amazon.

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