DEBORAH:  “Better than Brightman!” “Not just great, Dynamite!” Boynton Beach, Florida
“…Most graceful singer/pianist I’ve ever witnessed… Your voice goes anywhere you direct it to go and your playing is accurate, clean and crisp. You also have wonderful dignity and humor.  I knew you were good, but you are so much more!”     Richard Allen Woody, original director for the FANTASTICS
“The town is still talking about the concert… you were so brilliant…talented…creative…” Marge Biggers, Redmond Community Concert Association
“The performance was great! The audience enjoyed the interaction the artist created…polished and professional!” Joe O’Leary, Ripon Arts League
“Many glowing reports of your concert, and many said that it was the best concert ever…I hope that we may be able to have you return for another concert in Lodi in the near future.” Corinne Terry, Lodi Community Concert Association
…Our best workshop of the season! (about Classical Spice) Redlands Bowl
“We just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your performance and your work with the students here in Bullhead City…Due to your successful partnership with the school, we now have the cooperation of the instrumental music department and we will be using your formula to include students in a show this fall.” Mohave Community College Concert Ass’n
“…Our California club thoroughly enjoyed your performance. It truly amazed me the number of people who have commented that your show was one of the best we have had in the last several years. Your rendition of Phantom of the Opera caused me to close my eyes and I was once again at the Ahmanson Theatre in L.A. What a wonderful voice you have and you are a remarkably talented pianist.” Charles McLaughlin, President, California Club
“Thank you for your involvement in the Children’s Hospital’s Big Hearts for Little hearts Gala… You are such a talented and professional entertainer. I really have appreciated working with you in the past and I look forward to working with you in the future…” Reiner Roeske, Director, Loma Linda University Hospital

Endorsement letter from Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church:  

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DOUBLE GRANDE: …Our sold-out audience of 2,300 loved you! …Fantastic!… Best show ever!… Bring them back! Packard Hall, Warren, Ohio, Nov. 2011
One of the finest & most enjoyable entertainment I have ever been priveleged to behold! Mike Teilmann, Ex. Dir. USO
Run…don’t walk to Legendary Duets when it travels to a venue near you! Broadway World, Los Angeles
…Highly talented performers and consumate professionals…functioned extremely well as performers and emcees! Donna Abersman, CEO, ASCIP
…Their performance the best we have had in years! Gallo Center, Modesto Community Concerts
Nothing less than spectacular! Historic Warner Theater, Erie PA

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