Buy Back the Years – a gift of a lifetime

Custom Video DVD that includes your own pictures and the song Buy Back the Years!  Heirloom gift that will keep giving through the years-imagine your pictures in this video!  Perfect for Fathers Day, birthdays and special occasions.

Your custom video includes 20-25 of your pictures.  You will be sent instructions and an upload link when your pre-paid order is received. All photos need to be JPGs, at least 300DPI.  It also works to take digital pictures of photo books for multiple photos on a page.  (the video example you see has used this format) Included in the price is one preview & edit for your approval.  There is an additional charge for further edits.  Orders must be received by June 2 to receive your DVD by Father’s Day. Free shipping.  With an additional charge, I will upload your video to your YouTube channel to share with friends and family with a click all across the country.  Small additional charge of $5 each for multiple copies of the DVD.

Custom Buy Back the Years Video

[contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"] BUY BACK THE YEARS  •  Music & Lyrics by Deborah Johnson

I’ve taken much for granted, The years I can’t erase, I’m hoping I’ll remember, The times I can’t replace.  The mem’ries I’ll hold on to, With pictures in my book,   So one day if I do forget, I can take a second look.

For all we shared together, The laughter and the tears,  We can live each moment all again,   But we can’t BUY BACK THE YEARS.

It was only yesterday, When days were years in time,  You walked me through my baby steps, With your hand closed ‘round mine.   And through the muddy waters, When I felt so alone,   You picked me up and carried me, ‘Till I was fully grown.

When I see you walking slower, One step at a time,   I’ll count each and every day, As a gift that’s only mine.   And when the future calls you, And my joy is full of tears,  Your memory I’ll hold in my heart, When I can’t BUY BACK THE YEARS.

Can’t BUY BACK THE YEARS, Mem’ories I’ll hold in my heart for,  All we shared together, The laughter and the tears,  We’ll live each moment all again, As the days turn into years.  I’ve walked in your footsteps, You’ve kissed away my fears,  You picked me up and carried me,

I’ll remember all of this, When I need to BUY BACK THE YEARS.  BUY BACK THE YEARS, When I need to BUY BACK THE YEARS.

©Deborah Johnson, All Rights Reserved.