Come Out of the Dark Quartet

This is a quartet arrangement of the Grammy-contender single “Come Out of the Dark.” The duo version of the song is on the album The Hero Inside. Perfect for TTBB barbershop or other men’s quartets. It can also be adapted and performed with a mixed group. The Instrumental track is also available and the sheet music is available as a download on When musicians are looking for multi-use on some of their songs, making arrangements available is a good option. Of course, it is important to have a video available as well, so we gathered a top-notch quartet for this video including:  Barry the bass, Ben the baritone, Larry the lead and Tony the tenor.  All of the parts are sung by the very talented David Johnson.
To give a bit of background on the song, when David and I were recording The Hero Inside album, I played David a demo of this song and his comment was, “That’s actually a fun song. It just makes you wanna smile. It’s also a song people may play when no one else is around.” So we recorded it and I hope it makes you smile! If you like the video, please comment on it and share it! Links for song and instrumental track: ;    Music and Lyrics by Deborah Johnson. Basic production and piano tracking by Deborah. Additional production, guitars and bass by Michael Ferenci. Recorded at Ferenci Studios, Silverlake, CA.

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