January 26

Best Wearable Tech or Geekwear!


Are you looking for the best wearable tech that will help you keep in touch, help you manage your work-life balance, and look fashionable? Apparently, a growing number of savvy tech companies are collaborating with forward-looking fashion houses, and startups are focusing on design first. “Wearables are arguably the most personal technology we’ve seen,” says Ayse Ildeniz, vice president and general manager of Intel’s New Devices Group. Kate Unsworth, founder and CEO of Kovert Designs, a London-based startup says, “Silicon Valley has this misconception that if the technical feature is well-built enough, consumers will lap it up, no matter what it looks like. This is not the case.” I tend to agree with Kate! Why don’t I have a FitBit or Google Glass yet as my best wearable tech? They don’t fit in with my wardrobe choices!

Glamorizing Geek-Wear!

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To glamorize geek wear, designers are using upscale materials and refining the size, shape and feel of their gadgets. Opening Ceremony founders Carol Lim and Humberto Leon unveiled two versions of an elegant bracelet that displays communications and alerts on its 1.6-inch curved sapphire-glass touchscreen, adorned with semiprecious gems and water snakeskin. Apparently it’s also priced less than $1,000–what a deal!

Smart Jewelry, charging units and phone cases, were available this past holiday season, and designer Rebecca Minkoff’s $120 gold chain-link bracelet has pyramid studs to alert wearers to calls and texts. The design would be at home in the pages of Vogue Magazine.

What about best wearable tech for fitness devices? Tory Burch has introduced bracelets for the Fitbit Flex activity and sleep tracker in her signature perky prints, along with a decorative brass Fitbit-holder bracelet and necklace with open fretwork. I’m not convinced I need a device like this just yet, as I’ve not started tracking all my fitness goals. They may tell me I need to work much harder to get my heart rate up and I’d like to live in ignorance just a bit longer!

But this does sound interesting; inch-long waterproof smart stones that swap in and out of rings, bracelets and necklaces. This jewelry vibrates, letting the wearer know there’s a call or message. The benefit is to allow the wearer to ignore their phone during a dinner or other meeting so they can engage in real face-to face conversation. How’s that for your best wearable tech? And what about the Ralph Lauren Polo Tech bio-sensing shirt? Those will be hitting stores this spring. The compression top, which records data such as heart rate and calories burn, sends the data to an iPhone app via Bluetooth. I just hope they are fashionable–and I’m sure many others do too! I may no longer live in ignorance as to my true heart rate during cycle class!
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