January 1

Stand Up for Jesus Sheet Music


Buy Sheet Music to Stand Up for Jesus. It is a beautiful piano-based instrumental with vocal SATB Chorus with a medium disco beat. Stand Up for Jesus,  words written by George Duffield (1858), inspired by his friend Dudley Tyng, a dynamic preacher known for making strong stands against evil, not matter what the cost. Tung lost his arm, then his life in a corn thrasher. Melody written by George Webb.

Leaning on the Everlasting Arms, chorus written by Anthony Showalter (1887), principal of a Musical Institute in Dalton, Georgia, when writing to two former pupils who had each lost their wife. Anthony published over 130 music books with combined sales of over two million copies. Verses written by his friend, hymnist Elisha Hoffman.

Stand Up for Jesus/Leaning on the Everlasting Arms piano-based and SATB Vocal Chorus with a medium disco beat. The chorus mainly sings oohs and ahs for color and style as the piano is the solo instrument. Intermediate difficulty, mainly because of the rhythmic feel and can be performed with or without vocals.  

From My Father’s Favorite Hymns Album. You can buy sheet music to In the Garden as a single download at Sheetmusicplus.net (you can also hear the song here!) or in My Father’s Favorite Hymns Piano/Vocal Book.  


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