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In The Garden Sheet Music


Buy Sheet Music to In the Garden. It is a beautiful piano-based instrumental with optional unison and octave chorus accompaniment. In the Garden, was written by Austin Miles (1912), a pharmacist who became an editor of hymnals and songbooks as well as a popular music director. His hobby was photography and the beginning of the song was composed waiting for some film to develop. 

In the Garden is a special song to Deborah’s family as she and her sisters sang this at both their grandfather’s and grandmother’s funeral. They were from good stock, Georgia dairy-farmers. Her wonderful memories of her grandparents include Papa at the kitchen table talking politics, as he was the mayor of a small town, and Mimi sitting at the piano and playing the one hymn she knew how to play, always on the black keys. Mimi made the best chocolate meringue pie ever, always beating the egg whites by hand with a fork. Medium difficulty and can be performed with or without vocals.  

From My Father’s Favorite Hymns Album. You can buy sheet music to In the Garden as a single download at Sheetmusicplus.net (you can also hear the song here!) or in My Father’s Favorite Hymns Piano/Vocal Book.  


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Homeschooling and Music Education

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