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Deborah Johnson-Musician, Speaker, Author, Composer, Coach

Better than (Sarah) Brightman…Not just great, dynamite! Boynton Beach, Florida

Most graceful singer/pianist I’ve ever witnessed…Your voice goes anywhere you direct it to go and your playing is accurate, clean and crisp. You also have wonderful dignity and humor. I knew you were good, but you are so much more! Richard Allen Woody, original director for the FANTASTICS

Whether giving a concert, keynote or consulting, I LOVE to encourage, inspire, entertain and challenge my audiences. I know first-hand what it’s like to persevere in a volatile field where your last gig is your last gig. Yes, I have credits as I’ve appeared on many large and small stages all across the U.S. and Europe, but what I’m doing NOW is most important. If I can help you reach your potential in a creative way, I’m happy! 

I’ve also written three full musicals, producing their world premieres-which has taken a great deal of tenacity and perseverance. I know how to work hard-it’s in my DNA. Make sure my monthly newsletter-it’s the best way I know to stay in touch. 

  • Headline Entertainer that knows how to “wow” and “charm” an audience with amazing piano and vocal virtuosity and charisma!
  • Deborah has recorded dozens of albums, with songs licensed world-wide and multiple projects, songs and videos up for Grammy Awards.
  • Deborah’s books have touched readers world-wide with great reviews and impact.
  • Deborah knows how to teach and coach, with a Masters Degree, many awards and years of experience working with every level through Graduate School.
  • Deborah loves what she does and can’t wait to speak and sing at her next engagement, or work with her next client with goal setting!