Deborah Johnson-Piano


I'm Deborah

I have two areas of my business: both music and personal/professional development, where I partner with you to build a sustainable life and business at the halftime of life. If you can create a picture of your ideal lifestyle and work, we can usually help you get there!

We do this with online training, memberships, masterminds, webinars and podcasts. With years of experience, both in technical knowledge and training expertise, you will get the partner you need to achieve your goals and even dreams!

•Inspirational speaker, author and international award-winning music artist, helps others get unstuck by producing and executing a successful plan for their second half. Up for multiple GRAMMY® Awards and spending over 20 years in the entertainment industry, she's an expert on how to constantly reinvent yourself in a gig-economy. Deborah is the author of six books, and speaks and performs in both live and virtual events. She is also the past president of the National Speakers Association, Los Angeles.

Born on a Dairy Farm, I understand the value of HARD WORK. My father was raised milking cows. I heard the story often of how he had to get up multiple times a night to milk cows. There was no automation and somehow they all survived and thrived! The smell of fresh milk from a cow still brings back vivid memories!

My grandmother on my mom's side was a violinist and also played mandolin. She was an immigrant from Italy, playing in Carnegie Hall when she was 16 years old. She graduated from the New York Conservatory of Music, which was  quite a landmark for a woman in her era. She then entered an arranged marriage, had a dozen children and really never played again. To carry on her legacy, one of my sisters became a wonderful violinist and I was her accompanist for years. I have also used her on some of my recordings.

My experience as a successful entrepreneur in the volatile field of Performing Arts makes me uniquely qualified to speak on the subject of positive mental code in life and leadership. Creating personal and professional momentum, working with a wide variety of team members including agents, managers, meeting planners and scores ofartists and actors has equipped me in running numerous varied projects and programs. I have discovered how to walk the delicate tightrope of negotiation in running showcase rooms across the country, with artists, agents, managers and hotels. I love what I do and you won't see me quitting any time soon!

  • Headline Entertainer that knows how to “wow” and “charm” an audience with amazing piano and vocal virtuosity and charisma!
  • Deborah has recorded dozens of albums, with songs licensed world-wide and multiple projects, songs and videos up for Grammy Awards.
  • Deborah’s books have touched readers world-wide with great reviews and impact.
  • Deborah knows how to teach and coach, with a Masters Degree, many awards and years of experience working with every level through Graduate School.
  • Deborah loves what she does and can’t wait to speak and sing at her next engagement, or work with her next client with goal setting!

Most graceful singer/pianist I've ever witnessed... Your voice goes anywhere you direct it to go and your playing is accurate, clean and crisp. You also have wonderful dignity & humor. I knew you were good, but you are so much more!

Richard Alan Woody 

Original Director, FANTASTICS

Richard Alan Woody


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