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100 Years to Live?

How many times will you have to reinvent yourself if you have 100 years to live? If you’re a millennial, living to that centenarian number may be the farthest thing from your mind.  But as the mid-life years start to pass you by, that phrase “100 years to live” becomes more relevant.  There are 53,364 centenarians in the U.S. today, according to the latest Census Bureau figures, and experts estimate that number could skyrocket to 600,000 by 2050. Since this is such a relevant subject, I am re-posting this article I wrote for my latest newsletter.

When I was on the treadmill the other morning at the gym, I glanced up at the T.V. monitor and there on the screen was a centenarian mowing his lawn. I know some 60-70 year olds that would have a hard time pushing a lawnmower at this point in their life. Their back hurts, they have a hard time getting up from the easy chair, they can’t see their toes any more… (does this sound familiar at all?)

100 years to live2

So what kinds of things could you do if you have 40-60 years ahead of you, instead of 10 to 30, as many previous generations? Although none of us knows exactly how much time we have left here on earth, (as my father says, “The good Lord has the master calendar!”) I thought I’d come up with some ideas for things you could consider if you have 100 years to live, especially if you have a wise financial planner and can plan on having some sort of freedom in the years ahead.

1. Visit 10 spots that will enhance your world-view.
2. Take a trip to Western Europe to understand your forefathers.
3. Expand your hobby to create a small business. (Maybe you need to create a hobby first?)
4. Figure out a free-lance skill you can help others with, then start a Facebook page and website about it and launch it now to get started.

5. Take up gardening, even if it’s container gardening, to grow more of your own organic food.
6. Study a new skill. (look up Great Courses online for ideas!)
7. Learn to play an instrument and entertain others around you in your community, especially those who are not mobile. (Don’t worry, hearing tends to go as you get older! (See online piano course here!)
8. Join a gym, or community group and work with a personal trainer. It’s never too late to start getting in shape.

9. Donate your time for some worthy cause, mission or non-profit organization.

Most importantly, don’t just “retire.” I have a saying: “You retire, You die.” I have seen it again and again. Unless you have goals and purpose in your life, (see goals page here!) there is a much smaller chance of you living to be a centenarian. (Unless you don’t want to live that long that is!)

When launching a spaceship, 90% of thrust is breaking the earth’s atmosphere. Then it will have momentum. If you have a good financial threshold, that will break the gravity of needing to work with investments that will carry themselves.  (8% on $700,000  is $56,000/year)  This is great information from my husband who deals in this every day. (Don’t worry, I didn’t do the math!) That financial principle will help you plan ahead now for the years ahead because you will need resources!

Society usually advances in jolts, not in steady streams. (Example: wagon to car; the plane; computer…) Don’t expect a linear gradual change, but some revolutions in the decades ahead. Revolutions may occur in the areas of energy, computing and communication and broadcast abilities. The essence of technology is to make things more efficient, but there are always challenges that come with that efficiency. (how many times has your cable T.V. gone out?) I do think the day will come sooner than later when drones will be delivering our pizza. I just may eat more pizza because of that!  But if I want to have 100 years to live, I will watch the number of slices, exercise regularly, work in the yard and seek to help others through my business endeavors. I plan on staying “young at heart” for as long as I can! I hope you do too!
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