The Hero Inside: 12 Strong Ballads and Duets

Strong Pop/Folk Ballad Duets   with Deborah and David Johnson, available as CD, album or single song download. Up for 2014  GRAMMY Award in multiple categories!

What type of songs are on The Hero Inside?

Deborah Johnson: The Hero Inside

The Hero Inside includespop, country and pop-music theater duet ballads. You can hear and experience some of the songs on the YouTube playlist. Songs as Buy Back the Years,  Heartbreak Waitin’ to Happen, I’ll Say a Prayer, I Can Fly, Undying Love, Still You Still Me, Time and Again, Come Out of the Dark, The Hero Inside, more…

  • “I’ve not heard a commendable male-female duo since the Carpenters! Enjoyed this album thoroughly!” -Ricky Kej, Producer Raveolution Studios, India
  • “Just stunning vocals and production!” -Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band (GRAMMY Award Winner, 2013)
  • “Wonderful songwriter, singer and lyricist!” -Michael Lewin (Juliard School of Music)
  • “I love your sense of melody and lyrics.” -Daniel Ho
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Live Performance of Undying Love.

“Two marvelous vocal talents!… Production is top notch.”