Achievable and Measurable for Success!

Helpful Hints

  • Make a checklist with a place to check off each item completed.
  • Put the harder tasks at the top of the list and get to them first.
  • Don’t make your checklist too long so you are discouraged. If need be, make several lists so you can easily see your success.
  • Create small rewards for yourself as you complete tasks, such as a non-fat latté or dark chocolate. (yum!)
  • Set your timer-it really works!
  • Download some great Goal Setting Worksheets here!
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Short Term Goals make your Long Term Goals a reality!

Break up your long term goals into step-by-step plans.
Short term goals are not merely resolutions! They move you ahead with positive direction!

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Break up your long term goals into step-by-step plans. Those plans are now your short term goals. If you have achievable long term goals that you are excited about, planning your short term goals should will be a great and fun process! Short term goals can be achieved in a month or less, two months, six months or even a year. But they should not be longer than a year. More on Long Term Goals here!
You can measure something if you can check it off on a list. If a short term goal is not measurable, it may not be specific enough or realistic. Example: A very short term goal for a student may be to write one page of a research paper by this Wednesday evening. Another goal would be to write a second page by the following Wednesday evening. They are divided up into measurable and achievable chunks.
I use a 10-minute timer (this could also be 20, 30 or more minutes!) to accomplish tasks I don’t want to do, such as clean my office. (Stuck is Not a Four-Letter Word, pgs. 192, 197) As distractions are a huge hindrance, it’s a little mind game I play to stay focused. Either I can set the timer for 10 more minutes and keep working, or get to the project I really want to do. It really helps!

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