Choose DEBORAH JOHNSON: a high-content speaker and entertainer for your seminars, workshops or breakout sessions!  She will make you look great and inspire your people to become unstuck with realistic goals and healthy mental code. Deborah is currently offering one main seminar, Hero Mountain™.

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Hero Mountain™
Everyone climbs their own life mountain. It’s how you climb that makes the difference. You can scale up the rockslides of destruction or soar up on cables of success. With relevant illustrations and identification of trustworthy tools, Deborah helps you face your own Hero Mountain.™ Depending on the length of the program, time is spent on attitudes, habits, relationships, meeting change, uniqueness and personal evaluation. Quality leadership development occurs when leaders spend time going through all their steps on Hero Mountain,™ both personally and professionally. Tremendously valuable for self-leadership. Hero Mountain™ is also expanded to include additional online instruction. More Info Here

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Seminars and breakout sessions (usually customized accordingly) Also ONLINE TRAINING. Check out: Change Your Life: GET UNSTUCK.

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Giving your attendees one of Deborah’s books is a value-added addition to any conference, seminar or breakout session. Contact Deborah for details! You can also see more speaking info at:

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