Long Term Goals Give You Power To Change Your Story!

Think like a scud missile

Where are you starting from and ending up?

What is the ideal ending to your “story?”

Identify what is not working

What will keep you from your goal?

Career choice, person, relationship, health issue…

Define your Core Competency

What are you naturally good at?

Organization, bringing people together, producing, seeing the big picture…

Be great at what you do

How will you accomplish your goal(s)?

Do you need more time, education, money?

What will you need financially?

Allow for income changes & costs

Calculate risk and reward financially

Create a timeline

Commit to starting now

It’s never too late to start!

How do you identify your long term goals?

Take the time to identify your long term goals that will move you forward in your lifewith focus and a plan!

  • Identify where you want to be and what you want to be known for.
  • Take enough time to think carefully through your long term goals.
  • Identify the specific areas where you want to grow and change.
  • Write everything down on Goal Setting Worksheets.
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But I’m overwhelmed! What do I do?

A good long term goal needs to have a specific starting point and ending point. If you need to change your starting point, identify what is not working and what you need to get rid of or change to make that change.
How will you know you are successful? For example, if you have weight goals, put actual numbers on those goals. You can do the same for business, health and other goals.
Long term goals can be anywhere from a year to five years to ten years. You can also identify long term goals in different areas, as finances, health, business, relationship, etc…
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Realize you are not alone! Take one step at a time and realize your goals and your “story” may change and be revised from time to time. However, if you don’t have realistic and measurable goals, you stand the chance of not hitting anything significant.

  • Be as specific as possible with your starting and ending points.
  • Determine how you will measure your success.
  • As you work on your long-term goals, make them things you are personally excited about!